“Green”/Ecological advantages of new Ultraleather® seating cover options

Like most of our clients, we at Scandex are concerned not only with quality and comfort, but also with the environment that we live in. In July, we announced our decision to make Ultraleather® “the vinyl style seating cover of choice” for our saddlestools and chairs. For over 20 years, Ultrafabrics, LLC (the manufacturers of […]

Ultraleather® now the vinyl style seating cover of choice for Scandex

Scandex is announcing our decision to make Ultraleather® by Ultrafabrics, LLC the standard vinyl style material for our Bjorn Saddle Stools and Bruno Ergonomic Office Chairs. We have offered this product option for the past few years, but have now decided to make it the standard vinyl style seat covering because of it superior durability, […]

Sitting smart – and “Standing up for yourself” as well!

The article below appeared in the Boston Globe this week. While our neighbor, Mr. Carlo Rotello (director of American studies at Boston College here in Newton, MA), correctly points out that it is good to take breaks from sitting as well as to try to do more activities while standing, there is also a happy […]

Is Your Office Chair Killing You?

We found this excellent article in Men’s Health Magazine and wanted to share it with you. We’re certainly not trying to say that you shouldn’t sit…(we would never sell our ergonomic office chairs or saddle stools then, would we!). But if you have to sit a lot in your line of work, you owe it […]

Scandex Announces New Veterinary Division

Scandex is the top of the mind choice for veterinarians the world over. Vet practitioners who require superb back/lumbar support to help minimize lower back problems and reduce the potential for musculoskeletal disorders turn to Scandex. Veterinary professionals will be “sitting pretty” in Scandex Swedish ergonomic chairs and stools, which are designed for correct seating […]

Scandex Announces New Generation of Ergonomic Seating Specifically for Men

Designed to help minimize lower back problems and reduce the potential for musculoskeletal disorders, Scandex Series 600 Björn Swedish Ergonomic Saddle Stool has been adapted specifically for the male user to remove pressure on the prostate. There many health benefits that result from sitting and working with the proper posture, and essentially holding the spine […]

Scandex Announces New Podiatry Division

Swedish ergonomic chairs and stools in the U.S. and Canada, has recently launched a new Podiatry Division to cater to the unique seating requirements of podiatrists and their office staff. Scandex is the top of the mind choice for podiatrists the world over, Podiatrists who require a chair (for themselves as well as their staff) […]