Bruno Basic



The Bruno Ergo-Eco-Office/Work Chair is a superb Ergonomic-Ecological-Back-Support-Chair for these reasons:

  • It was designed by a well-known (Bruno Mathsson in Sweden) architect.
  • The seat design forces you to sit all the way back on/in the seat. Keeping your back close to the backrest, holding your back in the vitally important S-curve. To avoid debilitating damage to your spine. Less Back pain!*
  • The “Eco-part” refers to the “Minimalist Design”. No more material for seat and back than what is needed, to do what it is designed to do … Support Your Back … Less is More!
  • One lever controls all the adjustments of the chair. This invites frequent easy, healthy re-adjustments of seat and back angles to keep you comfortable and in good back-health.

Favored for dental/medical use, Bruno also serves your back well in your regular business office, and your eclectic, stylish home office.

*It became an immediate success in 1996, when it was introduced to the dental profession as the “Swedish Seating System”


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