Scandex Announces New Veterinary Division

Scandex is the top of the mind choice for veterinarians the world over. Vet practitioners who require superb back/lumbar support to help minimize lower back problems and reduce the potential for musculoskeletal disorders turn to Scandex. Veterinary professionals will be “sitting pretty” in Scandex Swedish ergonomic chairs and stools, which are designed for correct seating so the lumbar area is supported and the spine maintains the proper “S” position.

The most popular office staff seating is the Bruno Ergonomic Office Chair Series 300. The Björn Ergonomic Saddle Stool Series 400/600 helps to alleviate fatigue from standing for long periods at the examining/treatment table, thanks to positioning a veterinarian or technician closer to an animal which reduces overall strain on the back, shoulders and neck muscles. This type of upright, seated support is particularly helpful during surgical procedures.

The Björn Ergonomic Saddle Stool may be adjusted to proper height and tilt. Sitting on the Björn Swedish Ergonomic Saddle Stool with the angle between the torso and the legs (thigh portion) at 135 degrees (a 45-degree angle to the floor) automatically positions the body in a posture-perfect manner, even without a back support.

“Prolonged static, awkward positions are the most critical risk factor for causing debilitating back, shoulder and neck pain,” explained Sven Emilsson, Director of Sales at Scandex.

He continued, “Veterinarians and their staff understand this very well and the demand for our Swedish ergonomic seating has increased significantly so much so that we have developed a new division to cater to their specific needs.”

Veterinarians Can “Build” their own Ergonomic Chair

Scandex recently launched the second generation of their website, which provides veterinary practitioners with a Selection Guide that provides guidelines for utilization of Scandex’s Swedish ergonomic chairs and stools in various settings. Scandex sales representatives are happy to help to “build a chair or stool to preference. Veterinarians may also take advantage of Scandex’ special “Rent-A-Chair” option.

To speak with a Veterinary Division sales representative contact us.

Scandex – A Uniquely Different Way of Sitting

Scandex, LLC is one of the nation’s largest providers of Swedish ergonomic chairs and stools. Renowned for their Bruno Swedish Ergonomic Office Chair and Björn Swedish Ergonomic Saddle Stool, the company provides equestrian style seating that is designed to eliminate positions of poor posture. For more than a decade, Scandex has been improving the seated posture of dentists, assistants, hygienists, doctors, podiatrists, veterinary professionals, business professionals, seniors and others.

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