Dentist Stool

As a dentist, you know how important it is to have a great relationship with your dental stool. After all, you spend a majority of your day sitting in dentist stools working on patients. Your work is hard and important and you don’t want to have to go throughout your day only to realize later that you are suffering from back pain. In order to eliminate this possibility, it’s important to find the best dental stool. To do this, we recommend trying out the Bjorn saddle stool. This dentist chair has many benefits. It’s ergonomic which means it’s designed to fit the body comfortably and make sure you aren’t putting any unnecessary pressure on your back, spine, neck, or other body parts. In short, it helps you stay comfortable. The Bjorn saddle stool is also a saddle chair, which is just like what it sounds like–you mount it like a saddle, and don’t have to worry about the back of the chair getting in your way. Both dentists and hygienists alike recommend this chair as the best dentist stool and we know you will love it. To learn more, please visit our website today.

Sit on Your Dental Stool With The Posture of an Equestrian

Remember how we talked about how dental stools are called saddle stools for a reason? The reason is because saddles help you with posture, and the more you can sit like an equestrian, the better off your back will be. In fact, you will be sure not to have to visit the chiropractor because of the way you’re sitting in your dental stools. When you sit in your dental stool, legs should be at approximately a 45 degree angle. You should also have a 90 degree spread. The hip shoulders and spine will be in an S curve. If this sounds like a lot to remember, don’t worry! The Bjorn saddle stool is designed to help you sit just like this without you having to think about it. That means you can go about your day, fix people’s teeth, and not have to worry about feeling pain later in the evening.

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Every dentist needs the perfect dental stool for their office and for their staff members. If you are ready to buy a dentist stool, or if you have questions about our dental stools, please feel free to call us 

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